Welcome to Table For One Trivia!

Table For One is a weekly online trivia game, in the style of bar/cafe trivia games we've enjoyed playing in Ithaca, New York.

It's a live game, where everyone plays at the same time and hosts say the questions one at a time. We use video to stay at a distance, and this web site to do the scoring faster, but the focus is on entertaining each other, not just getting points on a screen for being smart (though of course we all love points!) (and OK, lots of trivia players like to be smart too).

And it's free to play!

To join us for the fun, create an account here, and sign up for the next game. We limit the number of players to keep it interactive, so sign up early!

To get a feel for how it works, read the rules. Soon you'll be able to play a sample round to see what the questions are like - but really, it's the social experience that makes it great!

"Is this for me?"

You'll probably have a good time playing with us if:

  • You have some familiarity any of our most common topics: the news, pop culture, history, science and technology, new and old music, movies, and TV - or you enjoy getting rewarded for making up stupid/witty answers to questions you don't know about
  • You're comfortable enough with technology to attend a Zoom meeting and fill out forms in a web browser
  • You're not 100% sick of videoconferencing (though many people say "it feels much more fun than a meeting!", which may be setting the bar low but hey)
  • You like an informal atmosphere where people may be eating their dinner, drinking various beverages, and affectionately teasing one another or otherwise being silly.

We welcome friends of all ages, ethnicities, gender definitions, and relationship styles. Our language is not always 100% clean but we do often have families play with their young children. We usually start playing within 10 minutes of the official start time, and finish by or before the end time. We like competition only when it's fun, though we do indulge some curmudgeonly arguments about correct answers.