Gina and Timothy met long ago in Ithaca, NY, and started attending trivia nights together a couple years back, often pulling in their families and friends. Clayton joined us because he came to a trivia game, was awesome, and Gina recruited him heavily. Since then, we've enjoyed playing trivia together, as much for the fun social experience as for the nerdy satisfaction of sometimes getting first place.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we missed our favorite local trivia games. So, we started playing online with one another, making up our own game and questions, and playing with Zoom and spreadsheets. And it was fun.

Since then, we've expanded the fun to include all comers, and built this web site to help keep track of everything, minimize the work, and maximize the fun. For instance, our scoring system uses both automatic scoring and live referees to judge answers and award partial points - all our questions are free-answer, so you can always add commentary, and some of it might get shared back to the group to keep us all entertained.

When it became possible, we returned to in-person venues, currently in Ithaca. With further COVID developments, we have offered a hybrid option at times, including streaming audio for remote players.

We've now done custom experiences too - trivia games for a private group. Want your corporate team, non-profit fundraiser, book club, block party, or other group to play a fun game that will accommodate either physical or virtual players? Let us know!