Rules for Table for One

  1. Preparation:

    • For online games, you'll need to be able to use Zoom - we recommend installing the Client For Meetings, but you can also use the browser version by following the link when the game starts. You can also join friends' teams and play together remotely, sharing the same answer sheet, as long as you can handle your in-team communication somehow - phone, text message, etc. work fine.

    • For in-person games, you'll need a device - a phone, tablet, or laptop are all fine - and the venue's WiFi. Your venue should also provide a QR code that will take you directly to that game.

    • If you're attending an in-person game remotely, it may help to have a device with a powered speaker so you can hear our audio feed.

  2. No searches or references of any kind, of course. 

  3. You must have a user account on Table For One to play for a score. Scores will be kept in your account.

  4. You must sign up for the game, with a team name. You can find the current game on the Games page, or with a URL or QR code provided by your venue. Once you're signed up and the game begins, you can access your answer sheets. You can have one team member sign up and be the "scribe," or have everyone sign up so all can read along and enter answers - your choice.

  5. There are typically three rounds of 8 to 12 short-answer questions. Questions are asked one at a time, then at the end of each round there's extra thinking time to submit your answers, then the round is closed and we give the correct answers.

  6. Each round is conventionally worth a maximum of 14 points. You choose the round that sounds most appealing to you ahead of time to double your points on that round.

  7. Your hosts habitually award arbitrary numbers of bonus points, half points, favorite wrong answer points, flattery points, and enthusiasm points. (Bonus points won't take you over the maximum points for a round, though, just so we don't go too crazy.)

  8. The highest scoring player or team wins, and is praised here on the site for posterity! Additional prizes may be provided by a given venue.

  9. If there's a tie, teams share the credit, and the first team that signed up gets top billing and any prize awarded by the venue.

  10. If a venue supplies prizes, you must attend in person to receive the prize; if the top team does not attend, has a conflict of interest, or for any other reason can't take the prize, it goes to the next team on the list.